Market Practices and Consumer Protection

There are many rules which dictate what you, as a company, can or must do in commercial or financial terms in relation to other professionals (including competitors). Just think about the regulations concerning (misleading and comparative) advertising, price indication, sales, the ban on conducting ‘unfair market practices’, such as recruiting away clients and/or personnel, giving competitors a bad name (“defamation”), parasitic competition, etc. There are also a lot of regulations to be respected concerning consumers. For example, the legislator regulates matters such as e-commerce, agreements concluded outside the company sales areas, after-sale service and guarantee, etc. Misleading and aggressive trading practices, the inclusion of specific contract conditions, the use of bills of exchange, etc., are also prohibited. Professionals, (architect, public notary, doctor, chemist, etc.), are now also being targeted full on by this branch of the law. Our office has considerable expertise in market practices and consumer protection. We assist and advise you in this somewhat difficult terrain, and help you conduct legal proceedings.